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NeighborhoodWired is a proud supporter and advocate for Advocates for Opioid Recovery. We invite you to visit their site, find out what they are doing to help address this horrific challenge that anyone can find themselves facing today, and get involved in some way to help make a difference! A life may depend on them, and it just may be yours or mine!

In June of 2016, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Congressman Patrick Kennedy, and noted civil rights activist Van Jones teamed up to create Advocates for Opioid Recovery, an initiative focused squarely on promoting the evidence-based interventions that can have a dramatic impact on ending the opioid addiction and overdose crisis in this country.

Advocates for Opioid Recovery is dedicated to educating key influencers on how medication-assisted treatment is a far more effective way of delivering long-term recovery than abstinence-only rehab, which has an 80% failure rate.

The goal of Advocates for Opioid Recovery is to advance a science-based, evidence-based treatment system that can reduce death and suffering from opioid addiction, and produce more long-term opioid addiction survivors who are positively engaged in their families and communities. AOR’s unique alliance of committed, bipartisan, influential leaders will leverage the infrastructure and systems they have built in year one to continue to change the conversation, shape the solutions, and ultimately break down barriers to evidence-based treatment.

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